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Room 13 Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Term 3

What a fantastic 3rd term in Primary 4/5. The children have shown such enthusiasm and curiosity for our Titanic topic. They worked very hard towards the open afternoon which was a huge success! Thank you for all your support and kind comments.

During our Titanic topic the children had an opportunity to explore the floating and sinking of objects. We made predictions and then tested these out together.

Primary 5 also got the opportunity to attend a Modern Languages event at Newmains Primary School. The children were all very well behaved and engaged well with all of the activities. On the same afternoon Primary 4 played games with Mrs Wallace and enjoyed tasting some French foods.

"I enjoyed performing my solo talk on a key figure from Titanic's history" - Phoebe

"I loved making the Titanic model" - Olivia

"I liked creating and making our newspaper headlines" - Rebecca

"I have enjoyed doing marching for Layla" - Lewis

"I liked doing the morse code activity" - Ellys

"I loved the Titanic Sunset pictures" - Chloe

"I liked doing Easter activities" - Jon

"I loved reading Kaspar" - Tola

"I have enjoyed doing playmakers" - Cameron

“I liked tasting the French food” - Thomas

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter holiday and I will see you next term!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Term 2

Time flies when you’re having fun! What a crazy, fast-paced exciting term. The children were outstanding in their Remembrance Assembly. They all worked very hard to learn all their lines and the songs they sang beautifully. Thank you very much to everyone who attended and who filled out a two stars and wish form, your feedback was greatly appreciated and very positive.

This term we have been busy exploring our France topic. The children carried out some research on French foods, culture and landmarks and created an informative travel brochure using their findings.

Scottish Book Week was a big success in the school! The children enjoyed their trip to Waterstones and participating in DEAR (Drop Everything And Read). It was fantastic to see them all in their favourite book character costumes. We also created our own class reading pledge which you can see in the school foyer.

The children showed enthusiasm designing their Inspired art entries. Our theme was Makers of Magic and our winners were Cameron McMillan, Kimberley Cameron, Mia McAdam and Chloe Sheridan. Congratulations!
Here are a few things the children have enjoyed about this term:

“I enjoyed playing games with the YMCA and supporting the children in the butterfly room.” – Cameron, Harrison, Harris Ellys, Ben
“I have enjoyed doing Social Dancing” – Thomas, Tyler, Mia, Lee
“I have enjoyed watching the elf and the shelf and seeing what he gets up to.” – Kimberley, Olivia, Ebony and Alex
“I have enjoyed PE” – Ruby, Karam, Rebecca and Jon
“I have enjoyed doing Art and Maths.” – Sophie
“I have enjoyed Maths” - Lewis
“I have enjoyed paired reading.” – Chloe
“I have enjoyed practising for the Christmas concert.” – Tola
“I liked doing our Christmas craft” - Phoebe

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Welcome to P4/5

What a fast, fantastic first term 1 in Primary 4/5. The children have been hard at work and have made lots of new friends. Here are some of the things the boys and girls have enjoyed so far:

"I have enjoyed writing stories" - Tola
"I have learned more about 100s, 10s and units" - Chloe
"I really enjoyed taking part in maths week" - Sophie
"I liked playing Mathmillionaire and I enjoy doing my times tables" - Lewis, Ebony and Harris
"I like minute maths" - Alex, Mia, Thomas and Olivia
"I enjoyed learning about similes" - Phoebe and Kyle
"I enjoyed writing our Autumn poems" - Ellys
"I have enjoyed PE" - Ben, Tyler, Lee, Karam and Rebecca
"I enjoy playing Benchball in PE" - Harrison, Jon and Cameron
"I loved doing our Pointillism pictures" - Ruby and Kimberley

Have a great October holidays and I can't wait to see everyone back in Term 2!

Monday, 14 August 2017


Friday, 3 February 2017

Primary 5 Modern Languages Trip

In term 1, Primary 5 attended Newmains Primary School for an afternoon of French games and activities. They all had a great time!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Welcome to Primary 4/5!

Primary 4/5 have had a fantastic start to the year and have already been involved in many exciting things. We have spent time getting to know one another and are all settling in well.

We started the term looking at the rights of the child and used these to make our ‘class charter’ which tells how the children and adults in the school should behave to respect the rights of all the children in the school.

In science we have been learning all about the Water Cycle and learned a song which explains how the cycle works. We planned and carried out a science investigation using water and bicarbonate of soda to make crystals and have enjoyed watching this change every day in the classroom.

We have also been very busy working on our new Social Studies topic of ‘Britain.’ We can now locate Britain on the map and have used atlases to label maps as well as researching all about British history and landmarks. We created van Gogh inspired artwork which included the skyline of London and Edinburgh and submitted some of these for the European art competition.  

Scottish SPCA and learned all about how we should take care of animals and even got some SSPCA gifts to take home! The primary 4s were also visited by Laura Riding, author of ‘Badger the Mystical Mutt.’ They had a great time hearing some of book and all loved the magic tricks they were shown. Finally, we have all enjoyed making sock puppets for the Primary 5’s Modern Languages trip and have produced some fun and silly looking animals to help us learn French.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Working hard on the Daily Mile!

Working hard on the Daily Mile

Room 13 has been making a fantastic effort to take part in the whole school initiative to run one mile, every day.  Everyone's hard work has really begun to pay off and you can really see a difference; running further, faster and with greater confidence than before!  Did you know that together, as a class, when you add up all the individual miles everyone has run each day, it comes to almost 100 miles per week!

Massive well done everyone!  You should all be rightfully proud of your amazing achievements!