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Primary 4/5 Kirklandneuk

Friday, 3 February 2017

Primary 5 Modern Languages Trip

In term 1, Primary 5 attended Newmains Primary School for an afternoon of French games and activities. They all had a great time!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Welcome to Primary 4/5!

Primary 4/5 have had a fantastic start to the year and have already been involved in many exciting things. We have spent time getting to know one another and are all settling in well.

We started the term looking at the rights of the child and used these to make our ‘class charter’ which tells how the children and adults in the school should behave to respect the rights of all the children in the school.

In science we have been learning all about the Water Cycle and learned a song which explains how the cycle works. We planned and carried out a science investigation using water and bicarbonate of soda to make crystals and have enjoyed watching this change every day in the classroom.

We have also been very busy working on our new Social Studies topic of ‘Britain.’ We can now locate Britain on the map and have used atlases to label maps as well as researching all about British history and landmarks. We created van Gogh inspired artwork which included the skyline of London and Edinburgh and submitted some of these for the European art competition.  

Scottish SPCA and learned all about how we should take care of animals and even got some SSPCA gifts to take home! The primary 4s were also visited by Laura Riding, author of ‘Badger the Mystical Mutt.’ They had a great time hearing some of book and all loved the magic tricks they were shown. Finally, we have all enjoyed making sock puppets for the Primary 5’s Modern Languages trip and have produced some fun and silly looking animals to help us learn French.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Working hard on the Daily Mile!

Working hard on the Daily Mile

Room 13 has been making a fantastic effort to take part in the whole school initiative to run one mile, every day.  Everyone's hard work has really begun to pay off and you can really see a difference; running further, faster and with greater confidence than before!  Did you know that together, as a class, when you add up all the individual miles everyone has run each day, it comes to almost 100 miles per week!

Massive well done everyone!  You should all be rightfully proud of your amazing achievements!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Welcome to the new P5/6 Class of 2015/16!

Welcome back!

We hope you've all had a wonderful summer, filled with fun and relaxation!  Here in KPS, we're now all settling well into our new surroundings in Room 13, for another busy and exciting new session!

To start off the new session, we've been thinking a lot about friendship, being an effective team and respecting one another.  We discussed the question "What makes a good friend?" and talked about the characteristics which would make a good friend. 

We really enjoyed making our Web of Friendship where, together, we discovered the importance of "everyone doing their little bit", to make a team work effectively!  To make sure the Web of Friendship stayed strong, we all had our own part to play, by each holding a little part of the web.  When we all held on tight to the web, it stayed strong.  However, when even one person let go, the whole web began to fall down.

One big team in Room 13!

When we went back to class, we made our very own Web of Friendship to display on the wall, to remind us that, in Room 13 we are all one big team! :-)

To make our web, we each drew around our hands on colourful paper and cut-out the outline.  Then, we passed our paper hands around our group and each person wrote one thing which makes that person a good friend.  After passing our paper hands around our groups, we each had five things written about us, about what makes us a good friend!  We then decorated our paper hands and used them to hold together our very own Web of Friendship in the class.  Keep an eye out for it when your in Room 13 for the next Open Evening!

Our Web of Friendship
The first stop in our Learning Journey this session was R.M.E, learning all about Christianity.  We were particularly focussing on the many different ways by which Christians worship God, while also exploring the main features of Christian churches.  One fact many of us found interesting, was that the one main part of the church, called the Chancel, is often built at the East end of a church because this is the direction of the rising sun - an important symbol to many Christians as it reminds them of the resurrection of Jesus.  As part of our learning, we were also very lucky to welcome our first visitor to Room 13 this session, to learn more about the role of church ministers.  The minister, Mr Paton (not Mr Paton in Room 14), answered many questions which we had prepared to ask him.  We were very grateful for his visit and would be pleased to see him again :-)
Mr Paton - a minister from a local Christian church.


Here we are working together to create our own Class Charter, based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child:

Monday, 27 April 2015

Our trip to Alloway, Ayr, to see the Robert Burns Birthplace museum and cottage.

Being Burns workshop at The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.  Two volunteers dressed in clothes similar to what Robert Burns and Mary Campbell would have worn.

"Georgian lads"

Even more of the "Georgian lads" and "Robert Burns" at the top of the table!

"Georgian lassies"
Out enjoying the fresh air in Alloway

In the Byre

Making butter in the Byre

In the spence.  This is where Robert was taught.

Even Robert Burns had an "iPad"...

The Poet's Path in Alloway.  Learning about the Tam O' Shanter story.

We found a "Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie..."

We found a "Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie..."

We found a "Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie..."

Re-enacting Brig O' Doon... at the Brig O' Doon!

Perfect place for a class photo.  Brig O' Doon, Alloway.

We loved making our very own Shadow Portraits.
Guess who!

The Summer Term has arrived!

It was such a busy Term 3 for Primary 5/6 in Kirklandneuk Primary and we couldn't quite believe how quickly Easter seemed to arrive! As you all know, we were learning all about Robert Burns and The Georgians last term. Beginning with our Burns Assembly, Supper and Ceilidh back in January, we continued to explore what life might have been like for Robert Burns and others who lived during the Georgian period. We learned all about where people lived, in cottages and town houses; we looked at the clothes people used to wear; we found out more about many of the historical events that took place, such as The United States declaring its independence from Britain in 1776 and Bonnie Prince Charlie being defeated at Culloden in 1746, and much more. One of the highlights of our topic last term, was our trip to Alloway, Ayr - the village where Robert Burns was born. During our visit, we tried on Georgian clothing; we explored the cottage in which Robert Burns was born; we visited the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, where many of us made our very own “shadow portrait”, as well as exploring a range of original artefacts related to Robert Burns, his life and work as a poet. Luckily, the weather was wonderful during our trip to Alloway, so we were able to end our day with a fascinating walk around the local area, during which we saw many of the landmarks and places we learned about during our topic, such as Brig o' Doon.

Another highlight of the term was our Open Evening, where we brought together and showcased all the things we had been learning about, across all curricular areas, through our interdisciplinary topic 'Robert Burns and The Georgians'. We really enjoyed welcoming our parents and guests to Room 13. Some of the activities on offer included: guessing the current UK population at 'The Population Station'; 'Pinning Robert Burns on Alloway'; discovering the Robert Burns Heritage Trail through our interactive map; exploring our huge frieze and time line of some of the significant events during the life of Robert Burns and the Georgian period; and discovering what it might have looked like inside a typical countryside cottage and town house, during the 18th century. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it along! We received some really positive feedback for all our hard work and effort to make our Open Evening a success. Everyone in Room 13 should be exceptionally proud of their determination and commitment – especially for the Personal Projects, which were wonderful! Well done!

Finally, Primary 6 thoroughly enjoyed their recent visit to St Mirren Park, Paisley, for the Safe Kids event. We heard from the Police, Fire & Rescue Service, footballers and others, to learn more about Internet safety, drug awareness, littering and other ways in which we can be Responsible Citizens. If it wasn't interesting enough, we were also really lucky to catch a glimpse of the Scotland U21 national team, during their training!

So, from everyone in Room 13, we hope you had an eggcellent Easter!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Looking back to 2014...

Well what a busy and exciting second term it was!  We were incredibly lucky last term, having had the chance to go on a number of educational visits in our local community and wider area. We were also very lucky to have had visits from some very special people indeed, who came to Kirklandneuk to share their expert knowledge about some of the topics we were exploring.  We were also very grateful to be given an extra block of swimming lessons at the Renfrew Victory Baths, allowing us to further develop and build our confidence in the pool.

One of our main topics last term was based on World War I, also known as The Great War. We soon realised how significant and unique it was, to be learning about World War I in 2014, 100 years since the war began. We started our exploration of this significant time in our history, by investigating how and why this war began in the first place. We learned all about how the growing tension between countries in Europe eventually reached boiling point, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, sparking what would become one of the biggest global conflicts in history, lasting from 28 July 1914 until 11 November 1918. We discovered that some countries had made alliances, or agreements, with other countries, to defend each other and their interests. This was quite a tricky subject at first but we were lucky to be able to use the iPads, to explore the internet and find old maps which really helped explain and show which countries were in each alliance. We were also really fortunate to have a visit from Mr O'Malley, a teacher from Renfrew High School who is a subject specialist in History. He delivered a fascinating presentation which told the story of the war and what life would have been like for people who lived at the time. We all really enjoyed Mr O'Malley's visit and we would warmly welcome him back, to help us with our History topics in the future!

As well as Mr O'Malley, we were very pleased to welcome another very important visitor to Kirklandneuk – Dr. Quentin Fogg, an anatomist and expert from the University of Glasgow, who specialises in the workings of the muscles and the human body. Dr. Fogg is very well known in his field, being responsible for training medical students at the University's medical school and having recently appeared in several BBC documentaries – so we were very privileged to learn from him, at our very own Masterclass, here at Kirklandneuk. Dr. Fogg told us all about the important roles muscles have in our everyday movements and in the activities we take part in during sport, exercise and physical activity. We all had the chance to take part in some really interesting activities which demonstrated to us how our muscles work. We loved the tug o' war activity and the scientific 'jump board', which measured how high we could jump. It was so much fun!

Apart from all the visitors we had last term, we were also able to make a few visits of our own! Firstly, we went to the Brick Wonders Lego exhibition at Paisley Museum, where we built upon our skills in technology. We all really enjoyed seeing how materials such as Lego could be used to make wonderful models of things in our everyday life. There was even a Lego model of the International Space Station! To build upon what we had been learning about Christianity in R.M.E, we had the chance to visit two different local churches: the Albert Hall Evangelical Church and Renfrew North Parish Church. We were warmly welcomed at both churches, where we learned more about some of the traditions, beliefs and stories of Christianity.

The lead up to the annual Christmas Fayre was very busy indeed, as we used the skills we had been developing in Numeracy and Technology, to create our lovely “Candle in a Box” Christmas gifts. We were delighted that we managed to sell almost every one! It really was a flurry of activity here in Room 13! Then it was time to relax and enjoy a well-earned Festive holiday!