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Room 13 Kirklandneuk

Friday, 20 May 2011

Term 4

Again Primary 5/6 has been having a very busy term!


We are all loving swimming it has been great and we have been having fun, as well as working on our swimming skills! Primary 5 have been going swimming on a Wednesday afternoon with the primary 5’s from room 12 and Primary 6 are going swimming on a Tuesday afternoon with the other Primary 6’s.


Some Primary 6’s are doing our cycling proficiency test and we are practising this on a Friday afternoon. This is an ongoing assessment and we are all working hard at this so we will be confident and safe when we are riding our bikes.

Travel Plan

Ione and Kaitlin attended the Travel plan awards with Mrs Wieland and Mrs Gray at Paisley Town Hall. The girls enjoyed this and they even managed to get George Bowie’s autograph!! (Radio Clyde D.J.)

Money Week

Last week we had money week and we were using the smart board playing money games and being involved in active money activities. We also had a visit from two ladies from the Royal Bank of Scotland and we had group activities discussing how best to save our money. Many of us are in the Credit Union and we are saving hard.
The hexagons maths group received training about how to be involved in the Credit Union so when the Primary 7s move up to High School then we can be helping with the Credit Union.

Talent Show

This year’s talent show will be approaching soon and therefore we are discussing and deciding who would like to audition for it. We will hold our class auditions in the class and then we will vote for the act we want to represent primary 5/6.