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Room 13 Kirklandneuk

Friday, 4 September 2015

Welcome to the new P5/6 Class of 2015/16!

Welcome back!

We hope you've all had a wonderful summer, filled with fun and relaxation!  Here in KPS, we're now all settling well into our new surroundings in Room 13, for another busy and exciting new session!

To start off the new session, we've been thinking a lot about friendship, being an effective team and respecting one another.  We discussed the question "What makes a good friend?" and talked about the characteristics which would make a good friend. 

We really enjoyed making our Web of Friendship where, together, we discovered the importance of "everyone doing their little bit", to make a team work effectively!  To make sure the Web of Friendship stayed strong, we all had our own part to play, by each holding a little part of the web.  When we all held on tight to the web, it stayed strong.  However, when even one person let go, the whole web began to fall down.

One big team in Room 13!

When we went back to class, we made our very own Web of Friendship to display on the wall, to remind us that, in Room 13 we are all one big team! :-)

To make our web, we each drew around our hands on colourful paper and cut-out the outline.  Then, we passed our paper hands around our group and each person wrote one thing which makes that person a good friend.  After passing our paper hands around our groups, we each had five things written about us, about what makes us a good friend!  We then decorated our paper hands and used them to hold together our very own Web of Friendship in the class.  Keep an eye out for it when your in Room 13 for the next Open Evening!

Our Web of Friendship
The first stop in our Learning Journey this session was R.M.E, learning all about Christianity.  We were particularly focussing on the many different ways by which Christians worship God, while also exploring the main features of Christian churches.  One fact many of us found interesting, was that the one main part of the church, called the Chancel, is often built at the East end of a church because this is the direction of the rising sun - an important symbol to many Christians as it reminds them of the resurrection of Jesus.  As part of our learning, we were also very lucky to welcome our first visitor to Room 13 this session, to learn more about the role of church ministers.  The minister, Mr Paton (not Mr Paton in Room 14), answered many questions which we had prepared to ask him.  We were very grateful for his visit and would be pleased to see him again :-)
Mr Paton - a minister from a local Christian church.


Here we are working together to create our own Class Charter, based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: