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Room 13 Kirklandneuk

Friday, 4 December 2009

New Lanark Trip

This is Robert Owen's school room, we were able to use the slate to write on. The class was very different to our class today.

The clothes the children wore to school. Robert Owen introduced and ensured children were given an education.

This is the outside of Robert Owen's school, just before we went inside.

This is the village shop. It sold cheeses, meats, eggs and the salt came in a block. The shop also sold materials for clothes to be made. There was a shopkeeper who sat at a desk at the front of his shop. Robert Owen also introduced the village shop to improve the conditions at New Lanark.

Primary 5/6 went on our class trip on Thusrsday 3rd December to New Lanark, this was a fabulous trip and we had a great day.