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Room 13 Kirklandneuk

Friday, 17 September 2010

Primary 5/6

Primary 5-6

We have all settled into school and are working well and getting to know each other in our new class. We have all been enjoying our Glasgow Airport topic and have been learning about famous pilots and the history of Glasgow Airport. We worked in groups and designed our own airport company.

This is the first year the primary 5’s have been having French. We have this once a week with Mrs Ronnie, practising with Roller and the Gang and we are all really enjoying this. Primary 6 also have French once a week with Mrs Gray and the P6’s from room 15.

The primary 6’s have been involved in swimming this term and we have been going to Renfrew Baths on a Wednesday afternoon. We are all loving this and looking forward to wearing our pyjamas in the swimming pool to help us with our lifesaving skills.

The primary 5’s are learning about the Living Processes and primary 6’s are learning all about the human body.

We can’t believe how fast this term is going!